3PL Logistics Warehouses & Distribution Centers

Comprehensive 3PL Warehouse Logistics Management Services Integrated with Leading-Edge Technology

Regardless the size of your organization or whether you are looking for Public Warehousing, Distribution Center, Fulfillment, or Distributed Inventory (DI™) services, Bradford Global Logistics can furnish innovative warehouse management solutions that are cost-effective and operationally efficient. Bradford Global Logistics can provide your business with tremendous flexibility and customization capabilities — giving your business one source, one solution. You will be able to link, integrate, and have access to more than 70 major markets through the Bradford Global Logistics warehouse network providing optimum flexibility for scalable warehousing solutions that grow with you.

Let Bradford Global Logistics handle your 3PL logistics needs.

In addition, Bradford Global Logistics will provide at no extra cost its in-house developed, world-class Inventory and Information Management System (OMNI™). In real time and with the click of a button, OMNI™ gives you the ability for inventory control, place orders online, track order status, obtain comprehensive information/analysis/reports, and provides other warehouse management system tools to optimize the control and synchronization of your mission critical supply chain and assets.

3PL Public Warehousing Services and Distribution Centers

Bradford Global Logistics offers value add warehouse management services throughout North America in dedicated and shared space environments. We service a broad range of industries which includes the capabilities to handle: pallets, cartons, drums, rolls, bales, crates, slip sheets, and totes. Besides the traditional warehousing services of product receiving, put-away, storage, and shipping activities, Bradford furnishes the following value-add services:

Value Add 3PL Warehouse Services

  • Assembly
  • Drayage
  • Purchasing
  • Barcoding
  • EDI
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Break Bulk
  • Inventory Management
  • Same Day Expediting
  • Call Center
  • Labeling
  • Shipping Management
  • Computer Support
  • Order Administration
  • Shipping BGL Account/Prepay
  • Consolidation
  • Packaging & Repackaging
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Delivery (Local)
  • Pick Pack
  • Tracking

Some of our locations also offer rail services. Bradford Global Logistics will manage the shared resources in such a way that you benefit from the most productive and cost-efficient solution possible associated with warehouse management, material handling processes, labor, space, and equipment. Bradford also furnishes turnkey, dedicated contract warehousing services.

Fulfillment Services (Pick and Pack)

Bradford Global Logistics offers full-service fulfillment, call-center, pick-pack, distribution, and mailing services. Our controls, labor force and advanced processes enable error free order accuracy, packaging, labeling, and shipping. Our call center will perform order processing, tracking, and administration. This includes returns handling, warranty tracking, stock alert reports, and customer-centric focused 3PL service.

Distributed Inventory (DI™) Model

Your inventory is positioned at a forward stocking location that is in close proximity to your end user or job site. The DI™ model allows for the optimal staging of inventory with absolutely the shortest lead times and time-in-transit to the end user.