Logistics Problems We Solve

BGL's problem solving can significantly help you in the following ways:

  • Minimize Capital Investments

    Your company can leverage Bradford's established warehouse network, logistics expertise, and IT systems to gain competitive advantages — without the capital costs and risks of investing in the facilities, equipment, and IT systems on your own. Bradford Global Logistics systems also enable a scalable distribution solution that grows with you.

  • Innovative Ways to Monitor, Control, and Minimize Costs

    Bradford logistical information technology systems enable real-time visibility and management tools that allow you to gain more command and control over your entire supply chain and logistics operations. Logistics become one integrated and linked network. The systems are refined to make possible "Just-in-Time" deliveries which result in reduced inventory carrying costs, improved inventory turns, and less inventory shrinkage.

  • Position Material Closer to Your Customer or Job Site

    Our network of facilities enables optimal staging of your inventory by getting your material closer to your customer and job site quicker, which helps to reduce time-in-transit, shipping expenses, regional inventory stocking, and overall operating costs. Forward stocking locations further assist your field service organization in response time and support flexibility.

  • Access to Advanced Systems to Manage Inventory and Shipments

    Our IT systems provide real time monitoring, high visibility, and maximum information capture that you need for meeting customer expectations, fulfilling orders, and optimizing product inventory. These systems also enable superior customer service by setting-up the necessary accountability controls, tracking, and close-attention to details to ensure your orders are filled accurately and on-time (human actions are monitored by trusted Systems).

  • Flexibility and Customization to Your Unique Business Needs

    Since Bradford IT experts internally developed all IT systems including writing the code, it is easy for us to "integrate and customize" our systems and operations to fit your specific needs. This enables "one common logistics approach" for optimal business alignment and development. Given that operations' systems and processes can now be standardized, this will result in streamlining and efficiencies that improve productivity and generate a more consistent, quality experience. Flexibility also means that you can scale your warehouse space and handling requirements to your exact business needs at any given time to deal with changing conditions.

  • Transparency and Accountability

    Visibility and performance measurements are critical to your success. Our Web-based suite of reports captures data that lets you evaluate anywhere in the world how well BGL and your supply chain are performing against pre-defined success criteria. The reporting enables you to generate the data you need to run your business and quantify it for better, faster decisions. The systems can also be programmed for conditional notifications in order to prevent failure.

  • Leverage Our Multi-Carrier Connections

    Bradford Global Logistics can help you to match the right carriers with the right service at the right cost, enabling you to more cost effectively transport materials and reach customers more efficiently. BGL is also able to leverage our purchasing power and alliances to gain cost advantages on your behalf.

  • Proven Strategies for Improved Supply Chain Integration

    BGL can provide you with critical components to enable successful international commerce and mission critical logistics management. Acting as your eyes and ears around the world, BGL can bridge multiple suppliers, time zones, cultures, distances, and languages to help create a seamless supply chain. We leverage our international infrastructure, IT systems, advanced processes, and experience on behalf of your company to proactively manage your domestic and overseas suppliers and logistics activities.

    This enables you to synchronize and streamline the entire supply chain with one system to get products to market faster. Our tools allow for exceptional visibility to data across the entire supply chain (regardless of time or distance) for better forecasts, re-order points, demand trends, planning, and audit performance. This in turn allows for improved material handling, cost control, and customer service. You further possess the tools to explore new purchasing options and possibilities - with more ease than ever before.