Our Logistics Information Technology

Logistics Inventory and Information Management System (OMNI™)

In real time and with the click of a button, OMNI™ gives you the ability for inventory control, place orders online, track order status, obtain comprehensive information/analysis/reports (current and historical - who, what, when, why, how, volumes, etc.), drill down on shipping documents including BOL, view operational photos, and provides other management tools to optimize the control and synchronization of your mission critical supply chain and assets.

OMNI™ will track events and milestones, report progress and expectations, and alert you when an action is required. OMNI™ will monitor critical data and events and communicate any deviations from plan. Automatic alerts can be programmed for almost any criteria and can even be sent to your computer, phone, pager, etc - anyplace in the world. You can gain access to the OMNI™ virtual network and information online through a secure extranet connection. OMNI™ further enables complete and accurate audit trails.

Instant Information on Logistics

This type of visibility to information enables you to receive the vital information you need, and when you want it. It is real-time visibility and management controls that enable you to gain more command over your supply chain while also lowering operating costs. It further levels the supply chain playing field by providing a detailed overview of your distribution characteristics and how they are viewed.

The Bradford management team also utilizes OMNI™ for real time command and control of your operations. The OMNI™ System allows BGL and you the necessary accountability controls to ensure your orders are filled accurately and on-time (human actions are monitored by trusted systems). This also means that inventory records are reliable. It enables us to be proactive in managing operations and customer service as well as to facilitate senior management oversight by exception reporting.

You can also use OMNI™ for benchmarking initiatives. High data visibility to Key Performance Indicators allows you to measure, track, report-on, analyze, and improve - enabling you to make endless business improvements, and to achieve greatly. Bradford Global Logistics is the premier entity in 3PL logistics services