3PL Logistics Highlights & Case Studies

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MW Polar

For the past 30 years, MW Polar has been a leading global supplier for a wide-range of canned food products (seafood, vegetables & fruits). Some of MW Polar's major U.S. retailers are: Albertson, Sams, Safeway, Wal-Mart, Big Lots, Dollar General, HEB, Super Targets, Safeway and Walgreens. MW Polar selected Bradford as its regional distribution center because of its unique technology, the operational savings and controls it produced, and the ease which MW Polar is able to do business with Bradford.

SM Products

SM Products is a U.S. supplier for consumer textile goods such as towels to large, medium, and small sized retailers. Since SM deliveries involve pick/pack operations SM required a drastic improvement in inventory management, shipping accuracy and visibility to the entire logistics process. Bradford's inventory and information management system (OMNI™) was able to 100% solve those issues by bringing real time visibility and accountability controls to all material inventory, shipping and documentation. SM also experienced a much higher level of personalized service with Bradford Global Logistics going out of its way to customize a solution to meet SM customers' exacting requirements.

Case Study

Estron Chemical

Estron Chemical is a leader and global supplier in Powder Coatings. Bradford Global Logistics has supported Estron in developing a global outsourcing model for managing supply chain inventories and order fulfillment to some of the largest Powder Coating manufacturers in the world like Dupont, Herberts, International Paint, and Rohn & Haas. Estron Chemical Case Study

Case Study

Johnson Controls (Controls Division)

Bradford Warehouses performed the complete logistics infrastructure to support JCI's control division throughout the United States including Alaska and Hawaii as well as Canada. Material ordered for specific building environment projects are directed to Bradford facilities where we receive, inventory, track and deliver these components to physical job sites on a"Just-in-Time" basis utilizing our revolutionary Distributed Inventory™ (DI) Model. Johnson Controls Case Study