Our Global Logistics Services

Comprehensive and World-Class Logistics

For more than a decade, Bradford Global Logistics has been providing world-class warehouse and 3PL logistics management services to multi-national organizations, Fortune 1000 companies, and entrepreneurial enterprises.

Bradford Global Logistics is able to manage your entire global supply chain — "streamlining and solving your unique supply chain needs and challenges". In addition, our integrated network of full-service warehouses extends coast-to-coast, across North America to strategically reach more than 70 major markets (encompassing several million sq. ft of warehouse space) offering you many options to meet your individual needs.

Bradford Global Logistics facilities offer you the choice of public warehousing services, distribution center operations, fulfillment (pick/pack/kiting) activities or a new, revolutionary Distributed Inventory (DI™) warehouse model. You have the flexibility to scale your warehouse space and handling requirements to your exact business needs at any given time. Bradford Global Logistics will manage the shared resources in such a way that you benefit from the most productive and cost-efficient logistics solution possible associated with warehouse management, material handling processes, labor, space, and equipment. Bradford also furnishes turnkey, dedicated contract warehousing services.

What separates Bradford Global Logistics from other warehouses and 3PL logistics providers is a passion to offer the following five major competitive differentiators that create added value for you — the customer — and at no extra cost:

Additional Benefits of Our Logistical Services

A conviction to these value-add services and a deep-rooted expertise enable us to tackle your difficult logistics challenges with creative and effective logistics management solutions so that your team can focus on growing the business, enhancing bottom-line results, and exceeding customer expectations.