3PL Supply Chain Management Technology & Software

Streamlining and Solving Your Unique Supply Chain Needs and Challenges

In today's global supply chain, Bradford Global Logistics recognizes that managing vendors and orders can be a daunting task when you factor in multiple worldwide suppliers, varying languages, cultures, time zones, and distances. Bradford Global Logistics can provide you with essential logistics components to enable successful international commerce and mission critical supply chain management. Bradford Global Logistics will make your supply chain a more effective part of your business operations. Let Bradford Global Logistics handle your third party logistics problems.

Acting as your eyes and ears around the world and leveraging our experience along with a trusted and world-class Information Technology system that is customizable to your specific requirements (OMNI™), Bradford Global Logistics can bridge the many global logistics complexities to help create a seamless supply chain.

Supply Chain Information Management

Your supply chain will be integrated into our Inventory and Information Management System (OMNI™). Bringing visibility to global information enables you to receive the vital information you need... when you want it. It is real-time visibility and management controls that enable you to gain more command and control over your supply chain while enabling the tools to lower operating costs.

Supply Chain Vendor Compliance, Order and Distribution Management

Once OMNI™ is customized and integrated with your entire supply chain, then Bradford Global Logistics can manage your suppliers, products, orders, and shipment details to ensure what you ordered is what you receive, and it is on time! This encompasses regulatory compliance issues including monitoring accuracy of all shipping documents as well as the tracking of customs clearance progress.

Benchmarking for Continuous Improvement

Bradford Global Logistics systems also benchmark and monitor critical data and events, and will communicate any deviations from plan. These benchmarking processes also allow you to measure, report-on, and improve — enabling you to make endless improvements in your supply chain operation.