Our Technology

All Bradford Global Logistics customers are able to utilize our world-class, state-of-the art IT "Inventory and Information Management System" (OMNI™) at no extra cost.

  • Operates in virtual real-time
  • Provides optimum information visibility
  • Enables receiving, inventory & shipping accuracy
  • Viewable via extranet connection anywhere in the world
  • Can be easily customized to fit your specific needs

OMNI™ was developed and is maintained by our in-house staff of IT logistics' experts.

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Our Services

Bradford Global Logistics offers a deep-rooted expertise and comprehensive portfolio of turnkey, problem-solving and cost-effective logistics solutions to optimize:

  • 3PL global Supply Chain Management (End-to-End)
  • Operates 70+ Warehouses across United States (U.S.) and Canada
  • Full service "Public, Contract and/or JIT warehousing" operations
  • Strategically located Product Distribution Centers (commodities & food)
  • Fulfillment Services

All warehouses operate under one integrated IT system (OMNI™).

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Innovative Problem Solving

Since 3PL logistics providers, warehouses, and distribution centers are an extension of your company, there is strategic value to choosing the right organization. BGL can:

  • Improve performance (on-time and accuracy)
  • Reduce inventory
  • Strengthen ROI
  • Lower logistics expenses
  • Enhance customer service

BGL possesses a successful track record of tackling difficult logistics challenges that will positively impact your mission critical areas!

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Global 3PL Services - Third Party Logistics

New Distributed Inventory (DI™) Model Revolutionizing 3PL Logistics

By leveraging our in-house IT logistics technology (OMNI™), Bradford Global Logistics assumes tight command and control over your material from your manufacturers' facility to your end-users across North America. Your inventory is positioned at a forward stocking location that is in close proximity to your end user or job site. A "Just-in-Time" inventory model is utilized at this forward stocking site to keep inventories at a minimum. Your entire North American network is then IT integrated and linked to enable centralized administration, customer service, and coordination from Bradford's corporate headquarters in Houston, TX.

The forward stocking sites are highly customized with a deployment strategy tailored specifically to your IT needs, customer service, material handling processes, space, and equipment needs. Through centralized command & control and the OMNI system, all activities become very transparent - being managed in real time, with high visibility and accountability to all mission critical data.

Benefits of Distributed Inventory Logistics Model

The DI™ model reduces inventory levels, cuts delivery times to end customers, enables the optimal staging of material, eliminates shipping/order fulfillment errors because the entire process is automated with checks & balances, and significantly improves customer service for you and your customer. The DI™ model is proven and successfully deployed across North America with numerous customer service gains and huge savings being achieved.